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Some countries on China's exports of steel long-te


In addition, exports show signs of fatigue. Although some countries on China's exports of steel long-term anti-dumping steel export volume of China in 2014 still reached a historic high, an increase of 50.5%, up to 93.78 million tons. Total exports over the global crude steel annual production ranked third in the United States (88.3 million tons), ranking second only to the stainless steel plate in Japan (110.7 million tons). Steel exports explosive growth has aroused the concern of all parties.

In order to reduce exports of low value-added products, and promote industrial upgrading, to avoid trade friction, China's canceled from this year steel exports accounted for over a third of boron steel export tax rebates. Comprehensive exchange rate and other factors, in 2015 steel exports will be reduced by about 10%.

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